Corporate life

Our values

In our firm we cultivate:

  • The human being at the center of our values
  • The preference for the long term
  • Team Spirit
  • The primacy of the qualitative over the quantitative
  • The sense of service (flexibility, availability, investment, rigor)
  • The sense of requirement
  • The quality of the deliverables
  • Confidentiality

Working at VISEA means :

A nice living environment

  • Working in the heart of Paris, in a beautiful Haussmann building
  • A small garden that allows you to have lunch outside and to leave your bike in complete safety
  • Work opportunities in France and abroad
  • Respect for each person’s personality
  • Working in a caring environment with close-knit teams
  • Regular internal events and numerous other benefits to promote employees well-being 
cadre de vie de l'entreprise
visea consulting projets associatifs et rse

An associative life & CRS policy

  • Nous nous engageons en faveur de l’égalité des sexes
  • Nous accompagnons les entreprises et associations liées au
    recrutement et au handicap
  • Nous nous engageons à recycler nos déchets
  • Nos fournisseurs sont français
  • Nous valorisons les économies d’énergie et le développement durable