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Leader in the domain of consolidation and the integration of reporting & EPM solutions, we are unique in the market : our approach combined with 30 years of experience and a team of sixty highly qualified consultants

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projects carried out on corporate Finance Management
clients of different corporate sizes and various industries

Our Solutions

VISEA proposes a solution which is adpated to each need

Digitalise and simplify financial, extra financial and operational data collection
Design and implementation of solutions in CSR reporting, internal audit, risk governance, management of industrial & IT investments, monitoring of KPIs
Develop your forecast data through structured and collaborative processes
Design and implementation of SAP / SAC, ORACLE / PBCS budgeting solutions
Produce your reports and consolidated accounts within the required time frame
Our consultants are specialised in the production of consolidated data and the implementation of consolidation and reporting solutions (SAP / FC, ORACLE / HFM, ...)
Analyse your consolidated data
Through SAP/SAC, MS/Power BI, KONVERGENCE/Kshutlle, ORACLE/HFM solutions
Publish your consolidated data
Design and implementation of Disclosure Management solutions (SAP / DM, Certent,...)
Secure and maintain your current and forecast information systems
Through our SaaS offer of hosting, monitoring technological developments, and a team dedicated to functional and technical TPAM


In addition to our French customers from all industries, we drive with success numerous implementation projects with major European groups involving coordination and implementation at an international level.

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Canada, Djibouti, France, Germany, Gabon, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, New Caledonia, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, India, Poland, Italy…

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